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Frederic Kettelhoit kettelhoit at
Tue Jul 3 19:18:27 CEST 2007

2 points:

1.) Aluminium would be quite cool. I would like to have such a case, too.
But the problem is, that the gsm radiowaves are not able to pass the
aluminium. Probably that's the same with the GPS and the W-LAN? I don't
know. There is mobile phone made by Porsche and - I think - Sagem. It is
basically made out of aluminium, but the GSM Processor is mantled with
plastic. Quite difficult, but very cool IMHO. Does anyone know, whether
there is the possibility to make a case 100% aluminium without making the
GSM processor useless? Would be great.

2.) The rounded corners are not very pretty, that is right. In my opinion a
phone has to look quite good, it is a lifestyle item. A few people may like
the design, but the great majority of people I asked said that they hate
these corners (me too). I would buy an ugly but open phone, but many won't.
So it would be really really great, if there would be the possibility to
change the case. I will try to do it, too, but I am not very familiar with
case modding and mobile phone cases in general.
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