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On 7/3/07, Ryan Prior <piratehead at> wrote:
> On 7/3/07, michael at <michael at > wrote:
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> > Hey! I just noticed that we are listed on the conference homepage!
> > Hopefully this will increase awareness and
> > interest.
> That probably means that FIC / OpenMoko paid Canonical / Ubuntu a bunch of
> money -- evidently matching the contributions of the likes of Intel, Dell,
> and Sun. Way to go!

Update: I found out that FIC/OpenMoko must have paid at least $15,000 for
their Gold Sponsorship position. It gives them privileges including their
booth, 4 session passes, a 45-minute speaking opportunity, and a half-page
color ad in the program guide. Since they'll be in the exhibit hall, I might
try to fly out. Hope to see you guys there!


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