GPS can work stand-alone (Re: Advertising/hype)

Nick Johnson arachnid at
Tue Jul 3 23:11:07 CEST 2007

On 7/4/07, Niels L. Ellegaard <niels.ellegaard at> wrote:
> That sounds like great fun. Do you plan to introduce a central server
> and use a critical radius of a kilometer, or do you want to use
> wifi. I guess that wifi requires a fairly large userbase. Is it
> possible to design a system that worked with a central server without
> having the users reveal their position and identity all the time?

I think a central server would be neccessary. Wifi has limited range,
and doing ad-hoc networks is complicated. Bluetooth's range is even
more limited.

The privacy implications of constantly uploading your real-time
position to a central server are formidable, though.

-Nick Johnson

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