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yea that would be great, then we can have a section on the wiki where there
would be alot of countries and the people in each country can then discuss
about the dates and make an agreement

On 7/3/07, Thomas Gstädtner <thomas at> wrote:
> Hello,
> before some days Hans van der Merwe asked, if it is possible to do group
> purchases (in South Africa).
> Unfortunately he got no answer, so I'd like to ask again.
> I'm from germany and I think there are many people here who like to buy a
> GTA01 device.
> If everyone orders a single device it are $20 to $40 for the shipment PLUS
> 19% VAT on the device INCLUDING the shipment.
> Let's assume you order a device for $300, shipment is expensive with $40
> this are $340, plus VAT it are $405.
> Now let's assume there are 4 people who want to have a device, the package
> is still small enough for $40.
> So we pay ((($300*4)+$40)*1.19)/4 what makes $370 (+$5 for forwarding the
> packet inland).
> So everybody could save at least $30, maybe more if it would be possible
> to send bigger packets.
> It would be nice if someone at FIC (Sean? :) ) could tell us if it would
> be possible to take group orders and how many devices could be shipped at
> once.
> Knowing that would be great, because groups could plan the purchase before
> the 9th.
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