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Wed Jul 4 07:50:21 CEST 2007

You seem to imply that there is a technical infeasibility that cannot be
overcome. If the public point database were segregated by a UNIX-style
permissions system and connected to via SSH, wouldn't it be just about as
safe as any public file server or database? Files that are "shared" can be
accessed, files that are private stay private. A server-side daemon could
negotiate friends lists, proximity, and other details without ever exposing
private position data publicly.

Am I missing something on the privacy front? Perhaps I just didn't grok your

On 7/3/07, Ian Stirling <OpenMoko at> wrote:
> Dylan McCall wrote:
> <snip>
> There is another aspect.
> Privacy.
> For example, I might be happy to be visible to other phone users in
> 50-100m, and my friends.
> I certainly do not want to be locatable by a random person over the
> internet.
> This does imply some sort of server, to which I upload my position, and
> will push to me information about any nearby phones.
> Also that publishes public key encrypted position, which anyone can
> download.
> A static database simply can't really do this.
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