Openmoko ads now on youtube

Mike fromlists at
Wed Jul 4 23:29:33 CEST 2007

Adam Krikstone wrote:
> Good and bad, here are some ads for openmoko and the neo1973 I did.  
> Sorry for the bad quality on some but there aren't many videos or 
> pictures of the neo1973 besides the wiki.  I stayed with the "free your 
> phone," aspect since advertising linux to the public is not going to 
> work. I can make better ones if someone can get me high res photos and 

Thumbs up, dude.  I like the cattle one and the keanu reeves phone call 
one (#8, index 7).  I'm sending them to friends of mine who bought 
iphones right now.

In general I think the project could use a boost of marketting what with 
all the iphone hype right now.  Cool that it got the traffic.

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