Openmoko ads now on youtube

Luit van Drongelen openmoko at
Thu Jul 5 00:10:57 CEST 2007

Well, OpenMoko isn't really 'here' yet, is it? It's public, true, but
it's not final. Far from it, IMHO.

About the ads,
Some ads are fine, some are less interesting... The one with the bull
is just geniously subtle :) maybe a little too much bashing towards
the carriers, but very, very nice still.

I like the first one, and the march of the penguins one too :) thumbs
up, very good work.


On 7/5/07, Joe Friedrichsen <pengi.films at> wrote:
> The funny thing is that OpenMoko is here //now//. It's the phone
> that's coming soon :-)
> Joe
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