GPS trail - crazy idea

Werner Almesberger werner at
Thu Jul 5 00:23:10 CEST 2007

Urivan Saaib wrote:
> This sounds pretty cool. I've always thinking on a service that could let
> anyone provide means to upload their position (without being tied to any
> personal records) and be able to see through the time the evolution of the
> flows of population (dynamic of fluids).

That would be a possible extension, if data is to be passed
through some central server (which is probably necessary, since
telcos usually don't allow direct IP traffic between mobile

However, I think the best approach to tackle all this is to go
incrementally. A standalone trail application should already be
useful. Next, one could add simple waypoints. A camera would
actually be kinda useful ;-)

Trails of multiple users, shared in real time, would be the
"killer application". I don't think anyone is doing that at the
moment. A typical scenario would be to meet someone in a city
both don't know. Street names aren't very useful, but knowing
roughly where the other person is at the moment, would be.

Directing a taxi to the other person's location should be fun,
though ;-)

- Werner

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