Come see OpenMoko at Ubuntu Live

michael at michael at
Thu Jul 5 07:43:44 CEST 2007

Booth and BoF at Ubuntu Live, BoF only at OSSCON. Neo's and the lunchbox will
be present at both for viewing.

I can't speak for Jon (he'll be at OSSCON) but at Ubuntu Live I intend to have
the development environment set up so that you can build an application and
download into the phone.

(This assumes I can get a laptop with the necessary environement in time)

(No, I don't expect you to write something from scratch while standing at the
booth, but we should be able to make a trivial change, download into the
phone, and run the app showing your change.)


P.s. Does anyone know if the t-shirt store was set up? If so, perhaps we can
get some of those in time to show off.

On Wed, 4 Jul 2007, David Fierbaugh wrote:

> I'm trying to be there, but have family in town over Ubuntu-live/OSCON. Is
> there going to be a presentation, or just the booth?
> On 7/4/07, Dirk Bergstrom <openmoko at> wrote:
>>  michael at wrote:
>> > > >  However, we are free to organize a BoF.
>> >  I'll try to arrange it not to conflict. Meanwhile, I've also signed up
>>  for
>> >  OSCamp. Anyone else from the OpenMoko community going to OSCamp
>>  I'll probably swing by OSCamp a few times while I'm at OSCON.  It was
>>  pretty interesting last year.
>>  In case it got lost in the shuffle, I set up a BoF during OSCON, it's on
>>  Thursday night:
>>  --
>>  Dirk
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