AND donate entire Netherlands to OpenStreetMap

Frank Coenen franknstein666 at
Thu Jul 5 11:47:42 CEST 2007

Whoops. I was to excited to read the rest of the article:

India and China as well. That is just mindblowing good news!
AND Automotive Navigation Data has agreed with the OpenStreetMap Foundation
to donate digital maps of the Netherlands, China and India to the
OpenStreetMap community.
Initially, AND will make its street level data of the Netherlands and the
major road networks of China and India available to the OpenStreetMap

On 7/5/07, Frank Coenen <franknstein666 at> wrote:
> Good news for openstreetmap!!!
> see:
> Automotive Navigation Data (AND) is a leading provider of location,
> routing, mapping and address management are donating a street network of the
> entire Netherlands. Yes, an entire country.
> :-D
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