Openmoko ads now on youtube

Bill Arlofski waa-openmoko at
Thu Jul 5 18:02:44 CEST 2007

Adam Krikstone wrote:
> Good and bad, here are some ads for openmoko and the neo1973 I did. 

Adam... I really like the concept of #3. Perhaps expanding it a little.
  Show the roping, wrangling and hog-tying of us typical cell phone
subscribers along with the branding currently in the ad. :)

I LOVE #6.  The concept is really quite excellent and fits our current
situation with Cell phones and cell-phone providers - especially in the
US.  Maybe add some text along this line of thought to it?:

"Locked in to expensive long-term phone contracts?"

I LOVE NUMBER SEVEN.   I know it is a bit long for the typical 30sec TV
commercial, but the Neo speech 'concept' fits perfectly. Perhaps showing
the full view of the NEO1973 early in the ad and from a few angles will
make it VERY clear that this is not the fabled "lock-in to Apple,
Lock-in to AT&T" iPhone.

At about 28 seconds in, Neo Says "I am going to hang up this phone..."
If the full phone is not shown before that, then it should be in full
view at that time. (In my humble opinion of course. :)

#8 does not make it 'clear' that this is a phone.

A suggestion: Perhaps from the time the zooming out starts have the
display fading between different installed apps, then when Neo says "I'm
going to hang up this phone...", the phone will be in full view and then
have just the display fade between the phone apps (dialing, answering etc).

Great job. I can not wait for my Neo1973 phone!

Bill Arlofski
Reverse Polarity, LLC

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