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pe, 2007-07-06 kello 08:01 +1200, Nick Johnson kirjoitti:
> Is anyone more familiar with OpenMoko and the Neo able to give a quick
> overview of what's involved? Am I right in assuming that all that's
> required is a UI and an understanding of the AT commands to send and
> receive SMS messages?

Basically this should be handled by the gsm daemon which the app can use
via libgsmd, but going by the wiki SMS isn't there yet (maybe old data,
shan't check now). You _could_ use passthrough-mode to send SMS and read
them from the SIM; I'd think you'd need proper gsmd support to get
notification about incoming SMS though, avoiding polling...

Anyway, my impression is that the Powers that Be are rather
forward-looking and want to do things such as IM with IP connectivity,
which is all right and proper. Gimme a Jabber client any time. And say
to people that it's "Google Talk" lest they get confused.

Not to say that there isn't a place for SMS, but those are generally
insanely priced; at least with data pricing there are islands of
sanity ;)

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