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Thu Jul 5 23:19:16 CEST 2007

pe, 2007-07-06 kello 09:01 +1200, Nick Johnson kirjoitti:
> Is gsmd under our control, or is that the closed-source module I've
> heard talked about? If it's open-source, I'll look into adding SMS
> support to it.

It's free all right. The non-free component is the one that talks with
the GPS chip and spews out location data.

> That's a great plan for the future, but SMS enjoys very wide
> deployment and compatibility right now - far and away greater, on
> mobile devices, than anything else. Legacy or not, I think support for
> sending and receiving SMSes is a must.

Obviously. I merely meant that building a more complete IM solution on
top of SMS doesn't seem like the thing to do.

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