IM application and other questions

Nick Johnson arachnid at
Thu Jul 5 23:28:32 CEST 2007

On 7/6/07, Paul Wouters <paul at> wrote:
> Integration of "SMS buddies" with "IM buddies" would be nice :)
> I would really like to see 1 application for messaging, not multiple. I've
> seen this too many times where phones have seperate menus depending on
> the transport and the type of message. (The Parawireless HIPI for one is
> awful in that respect)

Absolutely. Of course, it's not as simple as it would seem - IM apps
are oriented mostly around the concept of who's online at the moment,
while SMS is more like email in that it has no concept of presence.

The advantages are obvious, though: If you had one contact for someone
regardless of how many protocols they use, you could, for example,
have it automatically send messages to them via Jabber when they're
online with it, and with SMS when they're not. Obviously some sort of
manual selector would be required, too.

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