T-Mobile Announces WiFi Meshing Cellphone

kenneth marken k-marken at online.no
Fri Jul 6 01:46:29 CEST 2007

On Friday 06 July 2007 00:39:57 Ryan wrote:
> Let's keep an eye on this story and make sure we get OpenMoko included
> in the process! Many people on these lists have requested and talked
> about this feature, but the fact that it would be very difficult
> without support from the telcos has frequently come up. Here's our
> opportunity!
> Sent to you by Ryan via Google Reader: T-Mobile Announces WiFi Meshing
> Cellphone via Slashdot by Zonk on Jul 05, 2007 tregetour writes with a
> link to a New York Times article penned by David Pogue about a quiet
> announcement last week by T-Mobile. It has nothing to do with the
> iPhone, but it could still be a welcome revolution for users plagued by
> high cellphone bills. "Here's the basic idea. If you're willing to pay
> $10 a month on top of a regular T-Mobile voice plan, you get a special
> cellphone. When you're out and about, it works like any other phone;
> calls eat up your monthly minutes as usual. But when it's in a Wi-Fi
> wireless Internet hot spot, this phone offers a huge bargain: all your
> calls are free. You use it and dial it the same as always -- you still
> get call hold, caller ID, three-way calling and all the other features
> -- but now your voice is carried by the Internet rather than the
> cellular airwaves." He goes on to explain further benefits of the
> system, and describes the wireless routers that the company will be
> pushing with the service. The only thing missing: an estimate of when
> it will hit stores.
> Read more of this story at Slashdot.

hmm, this brings up something i have had in the back of my head when thinking 
of mobile phones with wifi and similar, a modern day two way radio ;)

as in, some way for two or more devices thats within range of each other to 
exchange data using a ad-hoc network. hell it may be that some of the end 
devices are not within range of each other but via a third or more device can 
leapfrog their transmissions to the other party.

as in, you have a push-to-talk like system but it uses existing wifi setups or 
can do ad-hoc setups on the fly.

could be built into some kind of voip system so that can can have it either 
bonuce the traffic of a server somewhere on the net or send it directly to 
the other party if within range.

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