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Actually as far as having AIM being SMS based, Motorola has been doing it
for years.  Their aim app does presence, profiles, away messages, etc, all
based on SMS messages.  I'm not sure how exactly it works but I believe
there are a few carriers here in the states that have aim servers (t-mobile
is one of them and I think cingular has it too), when you refresh your buddy
list it sends several text messages to the server which then texts your
phone back the required data.


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On 7/5/07, Paul Wouters <paul at> wrote:

On Thu, 5 Jul 2007, Jeff Andros wrote:

> > > 1.  Is the IM application SMS based or data plan based?
> >
> > What were you planning to code?
> > Semi-serious. There isn't one. 
> >
> > Do we have any pidgin devs on here? how heavy is libpurple, it would be
> really sweet to build a mobile version  (what kind of bird is smaller than
> finch? sparrow?)

I'm the packager for gaim-otr/pidgin-otr. I do hope that pidgin can be build

for the Openmoko. I haven't looked at the required effort though.


well... I don't think we want to take the whole application: our window
manager is designed for full/half screen applications, and doesn't do
multiple windows so well.  I'm thinking that a new GUI frontend over the top
of libpurple would be way more efficient than trying to squeeze all of
pidgin completely in.  I've only been over their code in a really cursory
way (browsed looking for a solution to problems in other code) but the
announcements say that all the important stuff has been isolated into

that said, we might want to go for tighter integration into the core apps.
adding new protocols is supposed to be fairly easy... what about adding a
protocol for SMS?

again, I haven't really looked at the code, but I've been through the buddy
list xml, and it seems we should pull those contacts into the openmoko
contact manager. 

what this is all kind of leading up to is running SMS similarly to those
pictures of the iphone: more of a conversation style, but integrated with
other communication (conversation could seamlessly move between IM and SMS
depending on availability) 

personally, I think if we can get that up and running, I'd make it my SMS
program of choice


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