Quick Question about July 9th.

Lavergne Thomas nosys-openmoko at reveurs.org
Fri Jul 6 16:34:22 CEST 2007

And another related question. Iperfectly known that, in his present
state, the neo1973 is far from a usable phone, and personnaly I like to
have one for developement.

But does the phone part usable ? i.e. is it possible to make and receive
phone call. I don't talk about full contact list or advanced options,
just basic distant call (the original function of phones...)
I hope this minimal part is usable (even if a little buggy)

And another small question, in his current state, is it usable with
french phone operators ?



> Since it's all open source _anyone_ could be a developer, so you're free to 
> buy one. Keep in mind that at this stage there are known bugs in the
> software, and that many of the apps people take for granted in a consumer 
> phone haven't been written yet. If you plan to develop some of the missing 
> bits, or if you can live with the pain of buggy/missing apps and can submit 
> detailed bug reports, then this may be the time to buy one. If you just want 
> an open phone to use then you're probably better waiting for the consumer 
> release.
> On Thursday 05 July 2007 20:00, Derick Jones wrote:
> > Will the phones being sold on July 9th be available to anyone
> > interested or
> > only to developers? I am very interested in the phone and just
> > confused as
> > to who can order the phone on the 9th. I get mixed readings from
> > various
> > websites.
> >
> > Thank You for your time!
> >
> > Derick Jones

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