How many women on OpenMoko?

Cindy cindy at
Fri Jul 6 22:15:33 CEST 2007

I agree that an interesting demographic is the non-techies.  I don't think women vs men is as clear a divider as techies vs non-techies. I am a woman and recently do UI, but I spent most of my career until recently doing embedded designs. I am following this project very closely. I can't wait to get one!

As an aside, did you see the recent study showing men actually talk just as much as women?




Another good demographic to consider is the non-technophile.

I seriously considered handing the phone to a non-techie friend (man
or woman) and see how long it would take them to make a call. It's a
totally unfair test since currently the icons on the home screen are
broken images. Once the gui is working how it should, this will be a
great test for usability. Eventually it should be possible to hand it
to a newbie without giving them a stylus :)

With only one stealthy hardware button the cues on the screen have to
be really good and something obvious needs to persist on the screen
regardless of what's running. If a newbie launches the calculator
instead of the dialer, it shouldn't be a "game over" scenario for the


On 7/5/07, london cowgirl <isntthatjesus at> wrote:
> It's important that OpenMoko is designed with both sexes in mind (especially
> since women love to talk to so much).
> So a quick show of hands - how many women do we have following the OpenMoko
> project?
> Carla

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