EDGE, lack of 3G and keyboard

BJ Quinn bjquinn at seidal.com
Fri Jul 6 22:27:27 CEST 2007

A couple of semi-related questions--

First of all, I was wondering if the lack of 3G support could be
addressed for the neo1973 in the future without having to buy all new
hardware.  Maybe this sounds stupid, but I was wondering if when
openmoko starts working with 3G hardware if the 3G component could be
added to the neo1973.  Perhaps by adding a small accessory by USB or
bluetooth one could "add" the 3G functionality without having to upgrade
the entire device.  Does that make sense, and if it's possible, would it
be a likely "accessory" that openmoko might want to sell in the future,
seeing as how this is about the only weak spot I can find in this
otherwise stellar device...

Then perhaps less unrealistic might be the addition of EDGE without
getting all new hardware.  Maybe someone could explain this to me - I
thought EDGE was simply sort of a softwareish/firmwareish upgrade to
GPRS, not necessarily completely different hardware.  Is it possible
that EDGE could be added in the future to the existing GTA2 hardware via
some sort of software or firmware upgrade?  And why doesn't it have EDGE
now?  Is EDGE-compatible hardware more expensive/complicated than GPRS?
Are there licensing issues when it comes to mixing it with open source

And, lastly... I must say I'm addicted to the keyboard on my Treo 650.
I don't know what I'm going to do without it.  I'm going to get a neo
when GTA2 comes out in October, regardless, since I would gladly give up
90% of my typing speed simply to get out of the cell phone dark ages.
That being said, I think I'm still a firm believer in the absolute need
for a hardware keyboard.  I'm open to anyone talking me out of it, but I
need to be able to type quickly in situations that aren't necessarily
conducive to stylus/finger steadiness, etc... So, is there a possibility
of a snap- or slide-on bluetooth or USB thumb keyboard for the neo, or
can anyone talk me out of my illogical desire to have a hardware keyboard?


-BJ Quinn

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