How many women on OpenMoko?

Nick Johnson arachnid at
Sat Jul 7 01:56:32 CEST 2007

On 7/7/07, Colin A. White <colinaw at> wrote:
> wow... an unnecessarily hostile response.
> It goes a long way to explaining why the answer to the OP is "girls = 1".
> You don't need to be a Human Factors expert to know that men and women
> respond differently to design cues. For all the men on this list to assume
> that women are going to love their UI design work is a naive mistake.

So is assuming that 'all the men on this list' think that based on one response.

IMO, the most important thing for our UI would be to have UI
designers. Someone experienced in UI design is going to do more for
making the phone usable than an interested bystander or developer of
_either_ gender.

-Nick Johnson

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