David Pottage david at
Sun Jul 8 20:03:19 CEST 2007

On Saturday 07 July 2007, Vicente Alcañiz Buceta wrote:

> I just want to have a Linux mobile phone but maybe is not going to be
> release in Japan???

As Jason Elwell says, the Linux mobile phone is released today, so you can buy 
at the unsubsidised price. Unfortunately you won't be able to use it in Japan 
(or Korea) as it is GSM only.

I guess if you are realy keen, you could buy one as a Linux PDA, or to develop 
software, but otherwise, you will have to wait and hope that FIC produce a 3G 
model with W-CDMA support some time next year, that you will be able to use 
on the Softbank (formerly Vodaphone) network.

David Pottage

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