NTT-NoGoMoKo in Japan, plus falling back

Mikko Rauhala mjrauhal at
Sun Jul 8 21:24:50 CEST 2007

su, 2007-07-08 kello 12:00 -0700, Tim Newsom kirjoitti:
> Um... Japan does have GSM service...  I am positive as I recently had 
> guests in my house from japan. They brought their cell phones and I
> showed them how to make them work in the US.

Means nothing. Their phones may be GSM-capable spesifically to work
overseas. All of my info says that there's no GSM in Japan, but I
haven't rechecked recently

> Does EDGE fall back to gprs?  Does 3G fall back to EDGE or GPRS if the 
> phone doesn't support it?

Given a phone that supports all of the following, HSDPA will fall back
to plain old UMTS will fall back to EDGE will fall back to GPRS,
according to network availability. Japan, on the other hand, uses their
own types of (W)CDMA networks.

"3G" falling back to EDGE or GPRS if the _phone_ doesn't support it is
rather nonsensical notion. If a phone is a GSM phone, it will work in a
GSM network. It will not work in a 3G network, so there's nothing to
fall back _from_.

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