Get them while they're still hot!

Jonas Berlin xkr47 at
Mon Jul 9 09:16:22 CEST 2007

Quoting Lucas Maneos on 07/09/2007 01:28 AM UTC:
>> Today is the day that we've all been waiting for: We can finally take
>> your order for the world's first freed phone. 
> First of all, congratulations and thanks for all the hard work you guys
> put into making this happen!
> I'm really itching to order an Advanced, but I've got a couple of
> questions:
> - I'm wary of entering credit card details on a site with a self-signed
>   SSL certificate without verification.  You may already know this, but
>   you can get free-beer signed certificates from CAcert
>   (<>) in minutes with a minimal amount of hassle.
>   Failing that, could you at least post the certificate's fingerprints
>   in another medium (PGP-signed to this list would be great for example)?
> - Shipping to Europe: is there any info on how long the various options
>   difference in the cost, but as I'll be away in GUADEC all next week
>   I'd like to pick an option that won't have the package bounce back to
>   FIC because I'm not here to collect it. (Hey, I don't suppose you can
>   deliver some Neos to GUADEC?)

One guess is that these options refer to shipping options available from UPS:

Can anyone confirm?

- xkr47

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