Jonas Berlin xkr47 at
Mon Jul 9 09:29:34 CEST 2007

Quoting Jonas Berlin on 07/08/2007 08:02 PM UTC:
> Quoting Michael 'Mickey' Lauer on 07/08/2007 07:09 PM UTC:
>>> The new .COM site is up!
>> Well spotted... and quick, too! :)
>>> Unfortunately, the store is closed.  Hopefully it will open soon.
>> Team is still working on the site, please don't hammer.
>> Thanks!
> Congratulations Openmoko team!!
> You have done it!

One comment - my mail server has greylist filtering enabled and it seems the confirmation mail got stuck - the mail server logs revealed that something was inbound immediately after purchase but it was "temporarily rejected" because of the way greylisting works..

(I placed my order around 23:58 UTC on 2007-07-09.)

Hope I'll be getting the phones anyway :)

Best regards,

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