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Doug Parker openmoko at
Mon Jul 9 20:30:14 CEST 2007

News from Newtontalk,

During the Worldwide Newton Conference in Tokyo yesterday, it was announced
that Einstein was open sourced under the GNU GPL license. Einstein is an
emulator for the Apple Newton, the grandaddy of PDAs. Ignore what you've
heard about its performance; later Newton models have reportedly the best
handwriting recognition available.

The slides are available here:

You can download the source code right here:

The binaries are available for MacOS X:

Moreover, having Einstein open source already proved extremely fruitful.
Within two days, there was a working Cygwin/X11 port running on Tablet PCs
and a working Cygwin/Native GUI (with FLTK) port running the next day. The
Cygwin/X11 patches have been committed to the subversion repository (the
compilation needs to be tested) and others are expected to produce a version
compiled with Visual C++ soon.

There's also a cross-platform graphical toolkit (like Qt) that allow one to
build NewtonScript-based applications running on MacOS X, GTK, Hildon (Nokia
Internet Tablets) and of course the Newton.

Doug Parker
Orlando FL
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