Web Shop Site Problem

Richi Plana richip at richip.dhs.org
Tue Jul 10 06:44:32 CEST 2007


I've been having problems with the shopping site since it went online. 
 From https://direct.openmoko.com/, I would order the device and would 
be redirected to a blank page 
https://direct.openmoko.com/cgi-bin/order.cgi . I've tried it on Firefox 
on linux, then on Windows and finally *shudders* Internet Explorer on 
Windows. I'm both glad and disappointed to report that it worked on neither.

There was a post about someone working on it, but no details. Apparently 
some have been able to order. My concern is that our (several people 
have posted having the same experience) problem isn't the one being 
worked on since no one has officially acknowledged it.

Could someone set our minds at ease by letting us know that they're 
aware of this problem? If details of the problem were made known, the 
community might even be able to help.

I've been silently waiting in the sidelines for this very moment so I 
hope it's understandable that as soon as the word came out, all that 
pent-up emotion just came bubbling out into expectancy. I'm just 
worrying they might run out of devices.


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