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ramsesoriginal ramsesoriginal at gmail.com
Tue Jul 10 09:20:39 CEST 2007

I really love this project, but since (as most of us here, i imagine) i'm
only a "simple" student, i can't afford to buy two Neos. So i will wait 'til
october. But I would like to have some possibility to develope something in
the meantime. Since this is all  open source, i imagined to find thousands
of tutorials, howtos, step-by-step-descriptions, and so on. But the only
thing i found is a "look at gtk"-sort of thing. Not onyl there aren't any
Developer tutorials (on how to create something), but even there aren't any
descriptions of how to "use" what's inside the phone right now.
If somebody has any help on how to start programming some (simple) apps for
the OpenMoko, without having a FIC at my disposal, i would be pleased to let
my creativity flow.

p.s. maybe i could also write some tutorials, or translate existing ones..
but i must have "THE KNOWLEDGE" to do so.
best regards, Stefan Insam

p.p.s. Sorry for my bad english.. I'm not a native speaker.
My corner of the web: http://ramsesoriginal.wordpress.com
My dream, my world: http://abenu.wordpress.com
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