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Thomas Gstädtner thomas at
Tue Jul 10 12:08:51 CEST 2007

Well, after the shop went online we have seen the pricing - and even if we
couldn't organize a group purchase (to germany in my cause) before, it was
possible to find two other early adopters who ordered with me (or me with
them) 1 hour after the shops opening. ;)
Shipping is not cheap, but with 3 or more deviecs per order it's ok.
Hope the do not want VAT for the devices as they are marked as non-working
prototypes, but however, we will stay at under 300 EUR, what is ok for a

Just for interest: are the first 1000 devices already sold?

Looking forward to have the neo in my hands (guess I am definately under the
first 500),

Thomas Gstädtner

P.S. I wish you, OpenMoko and FIC much luck and hope the Neo will get as
popular as I guess.
Thanks for giving the linux community and me what we want for years!

2007/7/10, Sean Moss-Pultz <sean at>:
> On Jul 4, 2007, at 12:52 AM, Thomas Gstädtner wrote:
> > before some days Hans van der Merwe asked, if it is possible to do
> > group purchases (in South Africa).
> > Unfortunately he got no answer, so I'd like to ask again.
> We can ship anywhere that UPS can ship now ;-)
> > I'm from germany and I think there are many people here who like to
> > buy a GTA01 device.
> > If everyone orders a single device it are $20 to $40 for the
> > shipment PLUS 19% VAT on the device INCLUDING the shipment.
> > Let's assume you order a device for $300, shipment is expensive
> > with $40 this are $340, plus VAT it are $405.
> > Now let's assume there are 4 people who want to have a device, the
> > package is still small enough for $40.
> > So we pay ((($300*4)+$40)*1.19)/4 what makes $370 (+$5 for
> > forwarding the packet inland).
> > So everybody could save at least $30, maybe more if it would be
> > possible to send bigger packets.
> I know shipping is a bit pricey now. But we just don't have our
> global distribution setup yet. We're working on this, but it won't be
> in place before our mass market launch in Oct. Sorry for any troubles
> this might cause. We just don't have the bandwidth to do this now.
> > It would be nice if someone at FIC (Sean? :) ) could tell us if it
> > would be possible to take group orders and how many devices could
> > be shipped at once.
> > Knowing that would be great, because groups could plan the purchase
> > before the 9th.
> You can order a max of 11 devices at a time. Let us know (by email)
> if you need to order more and we can talk about this case-by-case.
> -Sean
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