All is Very quiet the last few days....

Andreas Kaeser openmoko at
Thu Jul 12 09:31:54 CEST 2007

Clayton Jones wrote:
 > Ever since I signed up to the OpenMoko lists, i've gotten several
 > emails everyday....
 > However, the last 2 days i've received nothing at all....
 > Is this a gmail problem or is something bad happening with the
 > OpenMoko group and FIC?

Hi Clayton,

the same happened to me, see
I found your message in the lists archive, but not on my inbox :-(

However, a few minutes ago 4 mails from the list showed up, the newest
one dated 2007.0710-09:31 UTC. Maybe the list server is starting to

Sorry, I copied Clayton's topic to the subject line, but I can't
properly reply to his mail, because I didn't receive it; thread view
most probably won't work correctly.



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