Charging the NEO1973

Marcel de Jong mdejong at
Thu Jul 12 15:11:45 CEST 2007

Tim Shannon <shannon.timothy at ...> writes:

> According to the wiki, charging the battery is always done through the USB
socket.  Does that mean that the NEO is only chargable from a computer, or is
there a USB cord that plugs into a wall socket included.  I don't know about
everyone else, but I want want to bring my NEO to places where I don't want to
lug around a computer
> I suppose the alternative is to buy a powered USB hug, and plug that into the
wall, and the NEO into that.

There are a lot of different USB chargers. For in wall sockets and for in your
car. :)
Just look on eBay, or perhaps your local electronics store.


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