What about receiving an invoice for Neo?

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at computer.org
Thu Jul 12 16:09:34 CEST 2007

> Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller pisze:
>>> I work for a company that want to purchase 3 handsets (including  
>>> 2 adv boxes) but in the registration form there's no place for  
>>> our tax ID number. Does anybody know how can we receive an  
>>> invoice for these phones, so we can exclude costs from our tax?
>> I guess since they send from the US to the EU, there is no VAT  
>> charged by the US tax authorities you could ask to get back.
> It is not the point to get VAT back but to indicate what these  
> devices came from. I will pay with company's money so it should be  
> endicated where did this money go and what for. And that what the  
> invoice is for. If they won't write our tax id number on it, the  
> invoice will be invalid.

Ah I see. But what I recommend is to check if that is also required  
for imports from the US or if this rule is for local business only  
(within one country). I have never been asked to specify my VAT ID  
for any purchase (unless I want to have taxfree intra-community  

And there is always the address of the origin written on the invoice  
- which is the US. So you have a proof where it came from. Your tax  
id written on the invoice wouldn't help IMHO.

For German Taxation rules they just must write their name, the  
country of origin and the money amount and what they did deliver "1  
unit OpenMoko". But not my tax ID - because I as the receiver don't  
necessarily have one. And for your import you will also get a  
separate receipt for any import duties you will have to pay.

They must only write my VAT ID if they would be shipping from  
*within* the EU *and* doing an "intracommunity tax free delivery".  
But they ship from the US into the EU so IMHO this rule does not apply.

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