Charging the NEO1973

Steven Milburn steven.milburn at
Thu Jul 12 17:32:20 CEST 2007

I wouldn't bother cutting  your cable.  Right now, the neo will only switch
to 500mA charging when it is successfully enumerated as a high-power
device.  The only way you'll get it to fast charge from a power-only source,
will be to change the software to something like you mentioned.  It
shouldn't need to take 30 seconds though.  Once the neo attempts enumeration
(by pulling up on D+ with a 1k resistor), the host should issue a usb reset
(single-ended zero) within 500ms.  If that doesn't happen, there is no host.

On 7/12/07, Brad Midgley <bmidgley at> wrote:
> Tim
> > > According to the wiki, charging the battery is always done through the
> > socket.  Does that mean that the NEO is only chargable from a computer
> I have tried charging from other methods (generic cigarette-lighter to
> mini usb, solar cell, crank charger) and none of them currently work
> for fast charging. They may work for the slow charge, but the slow
> charge is too slow to be useful.
> The wiki says the neo "could" do a fast charging from these
> non-host-computer usb ports by trying to pull 500mA when the host does
> not respond for 30 seconds, but as of about a week ago, the
> development image does not implement this trick.
> I might cut open a usb cable and put in the pull-down resistor to see
> if that works.
> Brad
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