T-Mobile Hotspot at Home

Matthew S. Hamrick mhamrick at cryptonomicon.net
Thu Jul 12 18:12:50 CEST 2007

Well.. it's UMA (Unlicensed-spectrum Mobile Access) which means it's  
a RTP like protocol over IPSec.

I have the service with a Nokia 6086 phone. You can confuse the phone  
into accepting a root cert with WTLS, and then modify the cert to be  
used for WPA authentication. Once you can do that, you can setup your  
own linux or FreeBSD based router and act as a man in the middle.  
Which means you can terminate the IPSec connection at your router  
rather than T-Mob's. This should allow you to peek into the protocol  
and get enough details to figure out UMA settings.

It would be fun to try... I'm really happy with the hotspot @ home  
service. I had essentially zero signal at my home, now I can very  
clear conversations from the faraday cage which is my house. Ditto  
for public hotspots. The Border's in Santa Cruz is a nice place to  
grab a coffee and spend a few minutes reading the paper; now my calls  
from there are no-charge. So... it's worth the $10 / month for me.  
Install was surprisingly easy, though I had to spend a fair amount of  
time on the phone chatting with a couple different t-mob reps to get  
it setup.

-Matt H.

On Jul 10, 2007, at 7:04 AM, Richard Boehme wrote:

> Does anyone have details on how T-Mobile Hotspot at Home uses the wifi
> router to connect back to T-Mobile? I would love to have support for
> this or help to add it (though I would need to learn how to
> reverse-engineer a t-mobile phone's talking with the service).
> Mickey, any plans on adding support for this eventually?
> Thanks.
> Richard
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