GTA02 Board only option in October?

Ian Stirling OpenMoko at
Thu Jul 12 18:37:10 CEST 2007

Brad Pitcher wrote:
> But what are you guys planning on doing with the old board at that 
> point?  Throw it away?  I would suggest keeping the old phone intact and 
> just selling it when you get the new phone.  You should get a pretty 
> good discount that way.  And that way there are more neos out there 
> circulating and that's better for everyone.

At that time there will be absolutely no shortage - the current plan is 
for P1 to continue to be available right up to Oct, in as high a volume 
as is required. Even thousands/day.

At that time, I'd reuse the Neo board into something.

Add a USB NIC and a USB power supply, and it's an audio streaming box, 
for example.

This is also for other reasons.
If I screw my 01/02 by trying to solder it, I want to buy another PCB.
If I break the USB jack off the board by misusing it, the same.

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