Cheers for Harald

Jonas Berlin xkr47 at
Thu Jul 12 19:41:39 CEST 2007

Quoting Mikko Rauhala on 07/12/2007 04:39 PM UTC:
> to, 2007-07-12 kello 04:43 -0400, Phil Schaffner kirjoitti:
>> Harald Welte's blog
> [...]
> Eyeing at the earlier posts and other stuff on what's been going on, no
> wonder there's some burnout (one assumes) going around...
> Thanks for all your commentary and work so far, don't kill yourself with
> it. I'm sure I speak for more than myself in wishing you a speedy but
> decidedly not hurried recovery.

Right on..

Take care!

- xkr47

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