All is Very quiet the last few days....

Simon simon.xhz at
Thu Jul 12 21:11:12 CEST 2007

I thought it was because everybody had finally ordered and were in
catatonic waiting state...

Like nobody got questions now, they wanna touch!

Kindof like when you're a bunch of people around a table waiting for
diner and then it arrives, silence around the table for like 5 minutes
(or only the slurp sounds of eating).



On 7/11/07, Clayton Jones <drcjjones at> wrote:
> Ever since I signed up to the OpenMoko lists, i've gotten several
> emails everyday....
> However, the last 2 days i've received nothing at all....
> Is this a gmail problem or is something bad happening with the
> OpenMoko group and FIC?
> Also wondering how the ordering and shipping is going - stilll haven't
> gotten any confirmation of order processing from my order on Monday
> morning...
> --clayton
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