No order confirmation emails etc.

George Antoniadis antoniadis at
Thu Jul 12 15:16:29 CEST 2007

Hello people, :)
Just in case anyone has any idea cause sales at don't seem
to be responding.

The first day the eshop went online I tried to order a neo, but due to
some problems (traffic?) the shop pages stopped loading and stuff...
I only got the confirmation page once but one or two times the page
stopped loading before anything appeared so I am not even sure how
many times the order came through. hehe.

I did NOT get a confirmation email that the order was successfull or
any other mail indication about it's status or how to track it.

Since then I tried to email sales twice but I have not yet received
any information on this matter or even the order itself.

If anyone had a similar problem I'd be glad to hear how you solved it :)
Is there a way to track the order or something?

Thank you very much in advance,
George Antoniadis

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