GMail, silence and other problems

Phil Schaffner P.R.Schaffner at
Fri Jul 13 12:41:57 CEST 2007

On Fri, 2007-07-13 at 07:19 +0200, Karsten Ensinger wrote:
> Hi guys (and girl(s)),
> as far as I can say from my experiences, there was NEVER a break in
> delivery of message worth to mention the last days.
> It also seems as if only GMail customers complain about a disruption
> of operation.

I'm not a g-mail customer (unless somehow my relay address is
hooked into them - but I'm not getting duplicated); however, I
experienced about 2 days with no deliveries from any of the multiple
openmoko lists to which I'm subscribed.  Was going to look the URLs of
my recent mails on the subject, but

is not responding after several minutes and multiple retries.

[P.S. finally got the first page up, but now waiting............. for a
response from the Archives link.

Ah - finally:

Still seem to be some capacity/functionality issues on the server end,
but then that's what we're discussing.]

> During the time, where the GMail customers complained to had an
> outage,
> I did not receive any duplicates. Since then I get a lot of duplicates
> from GMail senders again.
> So it seems to me as if there are still problems with GMail.

There are still problems with g-mail dups.  If the filters to deal with
those were causing the delivery-outage, it impacted others as well as
g-mail users.

> Just to let you know. 

Speaking of other problems - it would sure be nice to see extensive
cross-linking between and sites, both at the
top level, and down the hierarchy at appropriate points (e.g. the .com
site should point to appropriate .org page[s] when applications are
mentioned).  This would help those finding the Neo1973/GTA0x at the .com
site to get hooked into the community, and links from the .org to .com
would help to point potential customers to where they can acquire the

Would also be nice to see at least some links or acknowledgements from
FIC corporate site[s] to both.  I couldn't find any OpenMoko or Neo1973
references on the FIC home page or via the site search box.  [A google
on "openmoko" does turn up two pages - one English and
one Chinese.  The English one shows no visible reference to OpenMoko,
but the Chinese automatic translation seems to be job listings and has
one OPENMOKO reference but no description of duties.  But I digress...]

I really hope the OpenMoko efforts come together on the corporate end
and produce viable open source products to fulfill the vision that
brought the list members here.  It is obvious that there are some
growing pains, but hopefully a strong organism will be the ultimate


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