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On 7/13/07, Nick Johnson <arachnid at> wrote:
> On 7/11/07, George Abraham <kingeorge at> wrote:
> > Now that we have a great phone to use, we could use a great channel
> > for communication. The vision is to communicate using the most open
> > channel of communication ( the Internet) using VoIP technology for
> > routing all mobile phone calls. Openmoko application framework can be
> > used to create a "skype-like" client running on openmoko. A wireless
> > router can provide the "mobility", which are connected to each other
> > using the Internet. The hotspot can be serviced by WiMAX or WiFi
> > technology. The router will talk to other openmoko routers, routing
> > the call to users on openmoko network. Files and video can be
> > transfered/ streamed to each other through openmoko. This would be a
> > great to go along with Openmoko, not only providing a "free" phone,
> > but also a "free" network as well.
> There is already a technology for this - SIP - and open VOIP PABXes
> (Asterisk). We just need a client for OpenMoko. No sense reinventing
> the wheel. :)
> -Nick Johnson
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I think on this way there could be somethnig more powerful for the OpenMoko:
some sort of ad-hoc network between openmokos. hm.. let's see if I can
describe what i mean: Some sort of Adressed Walkie-Talkie with openmoko as
clients AND as repeaters. It should be possible, and useful for example in
companies where the OpenMoko is adopted as officaial phone, or for Trekking
groups, et cetera...

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