TomTom (was Re: [Nederlanders opgelet] Dutch newspaper blog about OpenMoko phone)

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Fri Jul 13 13:27:42 CEST 2007

That would be great. Anyone got contacts to TomTom? If they could provide it
within the release, it would be a good chance to make ads (eventually

On 7/12/07, Ian Darwin <ian at> wrote:
> > Also, I guess when the author says navigational software shouldn't be a
> > problem because TomTom runs Linux, he's wrong, right? (That was a weird
> > sentence)
> Some or all of the commercial TomTom units run Linux internally, and,
> they have software-only products (e.g., I think this is what Palm
> resells for some Treo models). Putting that together, one can predict
> that TomTom *might* offer an Arm-Linux-Based software-only product that
> would work on OpenMoko, when the volume sales of OpenMoko are there.
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