openmoko and gnuradio

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Sat Jul 14 08:09:14 CEST 2007

> > >
> > > i've just find out this amazing project, and one thing i wonder
> > > is if there should be posible (or maybe openmoko is thinking
> > > already about this) to design a mobile phone with the necesary
> > > hardware to run gnuradio. with that kind of architecture we could
> > > access all the rf spectrum so we could have a really evil
> > > machine... :P

Lets see, on the hardware side, I believe you are going to need an
exciter, tuned circuit, rf amplifiers, adc/dac. These will need to be
specially formulated for wide spectrum use and take up a little more
space than is available. The power requirements are also more than is
available. And I don't know what interface you want to talk to it by.

> >
> > While in principle possible, you do realise that digital radio takes
> > several to many thousand times the power that a special purpose
> > radio takes?
> >
> > For example, you can get FM stereo receivers that will work off
> > 1.8V at a milliamp or two.
> And that's before we even get onto the legal issues. SDR with user
> modifiable software, especially on the transmit side, is a nonstarter
> given the regulation of radio devices in many (most?) jurisdictions.

This isn't a problem if you are a radio ham and plan to add the
software yourself (following your jurisdictions regulations), else it's
receive only.

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