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Sat Jul 14 18:41:37 CEST 2007

First of all I really don't think its the legislatures business to
prevent a company from making their device however they want.  The
consumers are dumb enough to buy it, thats their problem.  Secondly I
fail to see what the 700MHz sale has to do with that.  It will have
not affect on the iPhone because it doesn't use the 700Mhz frequency
and if they are forced to meet these proposed requirements cell phones
will never use said frequency, as their are several other perfectly
good ones to use.

So these people are either just trying to get support from some idiots
that believe what they say, or are themselves idiots.

And If this offends you then see the above paragraph and guess which
category I put you in.

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> Just launched today, I figure we should be aware. Maybe we could turn
> this into an opportunity to increase awareness of the neo:
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