Problem with emial order confirmation

Ken Young rtm at
Sat Jul 14 03:34:02 CEST 2007

    I ordered the neo1973 on the first day the site went
live.   Today I received a message, saying that to confirm the order,
I must reply to the email with a message containing (as the first
characters of an otherwise empty line) the string YES_I_DO .   However,
when I sent that reply, the email bounced back with a subject line
"Message not recorded" and a text body saying "Permission Denied".
Is this happening to other customers too?   If not, can anyone hazard a
guess about why I can't send email to, even as a reply
to a message they sent me?   I have found that if I send an email without
the order information in the subject line, the email does not bounce
(but nobody replies either).   But messages with the special subject
string they say to use in corespondences about my order always bounce.
Have I been blacklisted?

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