Adam Krikstone krikstone at
Sat Jul 14 23:05:30 CEST 2007

It's the same as a lost or stolen GSM phone.  You can have your provider 
block the IMEI from registering.  You can still use that phone on 
another provider but not with the provider that blocked it.  I would not 
put the idea of blocking foreign IMEI  aside as a carrier could this 
under the guise of "ensuring network integrity."


Joe Pfeiffer wrote:
> Adam Krikstone writes:
>> I'm with the idiots for a wireless carterfone decision.  I don't think 
>> we were better off with with renting landline phones from AT&T.  There's 
>> nothing stopping a GSM provider from blocking all unbranded IMEI's,  
>> including your neo.
> I'll agree that not permitting locked phones would be a good thing --
> but I was under the impression it wasn't technically possible to lock
> out a phone.  Unless they used a soldered SIM chip or something.
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