Support for Left handers

Visti Andresen talpa at
Sun Jul 15 00:22:37 CEST 2007

On Sat, 14 Jul 2007 20:34:42 +0200
"Edwin Lock" <edwinlock at> wrote:

> I would agree, I didn't really think when saying it should be mirrored
> ;) I thought about it and at the moment I think only the scrollbar
> should be changed..
> But I am still a little confused about how an application gets closed?
> I can't see an X anywhere, and I couldn't find any information in the
> wiki just now.. Because that might be handier on the left-hand side
> too if it isn't already..
> Just my 0,02_ ;)
> OT: Anyone have information about emulating openmoko in OS X?

I run OpenMoko on an QEmu'lation under linux, I believe that qemu 
compiles for OS X, don't know about the "special" Moko version...

Under Linux I just followed
worked like a charm.

I have some issues getting the network working but otherwise it
enough keep me occupied while waiting for a real unit.

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