Support for Left handers

Clare Johnstone claregj at
Sun Jul 15 02:42:14 CEST 2007

On 7/15/07, Joe Friedrichsen <pengi.films at> wrote:

. We have a *touch screen* folks! Why use a widget that was
> made to replace tactile interaction when the whole screen can be a
> widget? Seems like a little overly zealous retrofitting. . . This
> carburettor will fit on the electric car, dag nab it! ;-)

quite, Acrobat does it,
But even better my laptop has a synaptics touchpad,
and Seamonkey can make use of it. stroke up and down the
right side to scroll the web page, stroke across the bottom
to zoom or unzoom.
(But it is a bit sensitive, I hate the thought of accidentally
dialling someone due to a slight tremor of my finger.)


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