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> > Hi!
> >
> > I begin to wonder if there is some game to play.
> >
> > Perhaps LaForges blogentry and that shop mail would filter those "I just
> > want a Neo to play but i'm still not sure what i will do with it"-people
> >  - like me.
> >
> > Not enough phones for creative guys?
> >
> > Greez
> I'm quite certain that the "YES_I_DO" e-mail is just a curtsy and safe
> guard.
> They are just trying to avoid disappointed customers, it's after all an
> expensive
> device, that just isn't ready to be used (by my mom) yet.
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ok, as a (very) interested developer, I'm seeing some issues here.  There
are a bunch of you who'd love to get your hands on a phone, and start
playing with it.  I also know that there were less than 1000 phones that
made it out of QA from this first round.  Sean's stated they've got a 4-6
week lead time.  If all or most of those first round phones go to people who
aren't developing, that puts us back a month or more.  If the October
release is going to happen on time, the software must be ready too, which
means that we need developers working on it now

Coming from the other side, however, I've also seen how important good
testers are, and most of those are NOT developers.  Most developer test
reports I've seen are tend to be haphazard and biased (especially if they
don't want to admit that something they wrote caused the problem (if ya'll
think I'm being harsh, realize I lump myself in here too... seriously, this
is one place where our egos get in the way))  Personally, I think the
optimum solution is a second run of GTA01 phones go out in like early
august, with these earmarked for alpha/beta testers.

Yeah, I realize it's a while to wait, and I spent the last 9 months trying
not to pee my pants with anticipation too, but in addition to having a toy
to play with right now, we have to think beyond this first release... we've
gotten quite a bit of press talk, and if we want to be anything other than
another phone that tried to compete with the iPhone, we've got to really
make a good impression at launch time, it's something we're going to have to
all work for to make happen.

While trying not to sound like a douche-bag (and probably failing
miserably)I see purchasing one of these from the first limited release as a
promise and obligation to spend my time to improve the system... otherwise
I'm just taking it from someone else who would

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