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On 7/14/07, Clare Johnstone <claregj at> wrote:
> On 7/15/07, Joe Friedrichsen <pengi.films at> wrote:
> . We have a *touch screen* folks! Why use a widget that was
> > made to replace tactile interaction when the whole screen can be a
> > widget? Seems like a little overly zealous retrofitting. . . This
> > carburettor will fit on the electric car, dag nab it! ;-)
> quite, Acrobat does it,
> But even better my laptop has a synaptics touchpad,
> and Seamonkey can make use of it. stroke up and down the
> right side to scroll the web page, stroke across the bottom
> to zoom or unzoom.
> (But it is a bit sensitive, I hate the thought of accidentally
> dialling someone due to a slight tremor of my finger.)
> clare
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the only down side I see to this is fixing all the OE apps that use
scrollbars... that said, I really like this idea from a UI standpoint...
it's easier to make circular motions with your fingers than straight lines,
scrollbars work good with a mouse since it's easier to move in straight
lines with one.

we need a way to select which on-screen item to scroll if there's more than
one (for simplicity's sake this should be a rare occurance... but web sites
love scrollable elements).  but it should be really easy to switch from hand
to hand... just have a right and left mirrored scroll widget, and skin that
bottom bar so it can exist either on the left or right hand side of the
screen... there should be a way to make the spinner minimize... it does eat
a lot of screen resolution... I'd try it but before I got Qemu working, X
kind of ate it on my box, and I've been confined to the windows laptop I get
from work... they won't even let me set it up to dual-boot

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