AW: 3G SIMs?

werner stadler wvrn at
Sun Jul 15 07:01:48 CEST 2007

Hi. 3 in Austria works with the GSM infrastructure of another provider
(A1), if no UMTS-network is available. So it should be one of "most
(I have the option to change my carrier in dec., and I will do so, if my
3 USIM is not compatible with the neo 1973 !)

> Well, in most cases yes, as all 3G SIMs (USIM) I've seen have been valid GSM SIMs. i'd expect that to be some requirement even :)
> OTOH there are carriers that are UMTS only (they don't have a GSM network), e.g. 3 in Austria.
> Andreas
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> Betreff:	3G SIMs?
> Von:	Marco Barreno <barreno at>
> Datum:		14.07.2007 21:30
> I have a question about SIM cards.  If I have a 3G phone with its 3G
> SIM, will I be able to put that SIM in the Neo?  My carrier is AT&T in
> the US.
> I think the answer is yes, because AT&T is having their old Cingular
> customers upgrade to new 3G SIMs to put in their phones even if
> they're 2G GSM phones (the 3G SIMs are supposed to be better at
> choosing between Cingular and AT&T towers).  Can anyone confirm that
> it'll work with the Neo?
> Thanks,
> Marco

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