Reason for openmoko - bugsafe?

Simon simon.xhz at
Sun Jul 15 16:15:08 CEST 2007


Sorry cant read deutsch (yet)...  =)

You realize the communication is going from your phone to a network to
another phone, right?
Usually the Mafia will put a bug locally in your house, your phone, etc...
The police will bug the network through which your conversation pass through.

The only way to prevent this (other than by law*) is to encrypt the
conversation, but then you need the transmitting phone and receiving
pone to be "encryption" capable.  Nothing the Neo can do... (but Neo
to Neo could do it!)  Also, if playing with encryption, i'd really do
it over TCP/IP rather than VOICE to avoid the interference.

*In my country (Canada), no one is allowed to bug me in any way unless
they have a warrant, and usually such a warrant is given for big time
criminals only.  If i would know i was bugged by the police for no
reason, i would sue, win, and retire!


> This is actually the reason that I got to read about the openmoko, I
> read an article about mobile phones being bug-able some time ago and
> googled for an open linux phone. And I found the openmoko ;)
> Just a quick question, what the police are doing, described in the
> article, is this only software or can that be done with only the gsm
> chip or so? My question is actually: Is the neo protected against this
> kind of bugging or not? It's not that I'm a terrorist or so but I just
> don't feel very safe otherwise ;)

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